Jonah 4

In one sense we are finishing Jonah–but in another sense, “Jonah” is never finished for we are left with a question–one which each of us must answer:  “Should (God) be concerned about that great city” of Nineveh?
I hope you have enjoyed delving into the book of Jonah.  Next Tuesday I will send my comments to Jonah 4 and get ready for our study of the letters of Peter.

Jonah 4 (pdf)

Tuesdays with Gerry- Jonah 3 Comments

I hope you are all well.  As you have probably heard–Mount Hermon’s summer schedule has been canceled.  (What am I to do–no donuts to serve and eat!)  Seriously, this is a major blow to the ministry of Mount Hermon and I imagine this same adversity is hitting Mission Springs.  We will all pray for the future of these and countless other ministries, not only here in the US but around the world–such as the Ryan Klints’ translation work in Mexico. Our study of Jonah, demonstrating God’s love and mercy, offered to all not just a few “chosen” people, is especially appropriate for times like these. 

For your consideration:  would you like to continue “Tuesdays with Gerry” after we conclude Jonah?  Please let me know your feelings ASAP so I can prepare.
“See” you next Tuesday with questions for chapter 4 ! Love, Gerry

Jonah 3 Comments

Tuesdays with Gerry: Jonah 3

When you have failed to do something you should have done or did not do a thing you know you should have, haven’t you wished you had a 2nd chance?  I sure have!  But then, I wonder, would I really do a better job?  Jonah was given a second opportunity to obey God and go to Nineveh to proclaim God’s message.  Let’s see how well he did this next time!

Jonah 3 (pdf)