Tuesdays with Gerry: Jonah 1:1-16 Comments

Hi class–welcome to Tuesdays With Gerry. This week I am sending the questions on Jonah chapter one with my comments. Please compare them with your own–and feel free to send the results of your own study with questions/thoughts to me and/or the whole class. This can be a great learning process for all of us.

Next Tuesday I will send questions on chapter 2. I do hope you enjoy this study of Jonah as much as I am enjoying it. Stay well and remember the parable of Solomon asking his wisest servant for a ring inscribed with a saying which would always be true. The saying? “This, too, shall pass.” We need this assurance as we face COVID-19 and enforced isolation.

Jonah 1:1-16 Comments (pdf)

Tuesdays with Gerry: Jonah 1:1–16

Welcome to our correspondence course on Jonah! Some years ago you may have read the book, Tuesdays With Morrie by Tim Albom (I recommend it if you didn’t). I now welcome you to Tuesdays with Gerry. This Tuesday I am sending the questions and next Tuesday I will send the questions again with my comments. I invite you to write your own answers and compare them with mine. Then, if you have questions, comments or ideas please send them to me or to the whole class. In this way, we can have interaction, even tho limited.Have fun! Be safe! Gerry

Jonah 1:16 Questions (pdf)

Time change: Sunday July 6th, 2014

This Sunday, July 6th, our service will be held at 9 am so our congregation can better take advantage of the special events offered at local camps and establishments. Children will remain in the service with their families. Our regular worship schedule will resume on July 13th, with worship service at 10:30 am and regular children’s programs.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday – April 13th at 9:00am.  Join us for Footsteps – a walk through the final week of Jesus’ life followed by our Palm Sunday service.

Good Friday Service – April 18th at noon.  A combined service with St Philips Episcopal here at Community Covenant.

Easter Sunday – April 20th.

  • 7:00am   “Sunrise” service at Twin Lakes beach
  • 10:00am  Brunch in Fireside Hall at Community Covenant
  • 10:30am  Resurrection celebration worship service

All-Age Prayer Hour Sunday March 23rd

Each fourth Sunday of the month, all are invited at 9:00am for an hour of prayer in Fireside Room.

  • Caroline will lead the kids prayer time in the C.E. Building for children up to fifth grade.

As we commit our community to God we’ll vary our time through prayer in small groups, as individuals, in silence and in song.

All are welcome.

Women’s Retreat

You’re invited to join with women aged 18 and over for a day of retreat.

  • Pray, study and reflect together
  • Relax and rest together
  • Eat and be nourished together.

Saturday March 15th, 8am-8pm

Home of Karyl Erikson

For details and registration phone or email Sally at the church office

Can we end homelessness?


Representatives of our Wings Group, Jim Young and Peggy Benedum, attended the Smart Solutions to Homelessness Summit on December 1st. This Summit was attended by almost 250 community members who came to learn more about homelessness, discuss its impacts, hear about innovative solutions taking form in other communities and establishing a plan for greater community engagement and action. To learn more read the full article:
Do You Believe We Can End Homelessness? (PDF)

The Church and Human Trafficking

Please check out the Mount Hermon website by clicking on the header above.  This is a wonderful opportunity that is coming to our own back yard!

Dates: June 1-3
Speaker: Mark Labberton
Musician: Justin McRoberts
Youth Speaker: Zach Hunter

The rates are all posted on the website: www.mounthermon.org/humantrafficking . There is a special “no housing” rate that is not yet on the website. For the whole weekend it is $124 per person and for Saturday only it is $64 per person.

This weekend will be very much what we think of as a “Traditional” retreat. 4 general sessions with a speaker and worship, recreation options, and meals included. It will also be a time of education and training as we will have 4 seminar times with 5 options being offered in each time slot. It’s a great weekend for people who want to learn more about human trafficking in the beautiful setting that Mount Hermon offers. It is our hope that people will walk away from this conference not only with a greater knowledge about the issue, but also with very practical and applicable steps for how they can be involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Please contact Pastor Dawn or Karyl Erickson if you are planning to go or have further questions.

Welcome Pastor Tim Sandquist

We welcome Pastor Tim Sandquist and his wife, Kathy, to our ministry. Pastor Tim will be our transitional pastor for the next several months as we search for what God has next. Pastor Tim was most recently the transitional pastor for Foothill Covenant Church, where Pastor Hans-Erik now serves, and Kathy works at Varian Medical, where she is the Administrative Assistant for the CIO. They live in Redwood City and have three children, two in college and one working as a nurse in Santa Maria.